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  • welcome to visite SiChuan Tongsheng Biopharmaceutical

    About us

    Since Tongsheng’s establishment in Deyang in 2003, from our humble beginnings, we proudly owns two manufacture plants with 12 production lines currently. The area of the refining-drying-packing workshop is around 1100 ㎡ and our portfolio of around 2,000 products’ annual capacity is over 1000 tons.
    We are committed to providing customized research and development services, production and sales of key pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives and raw materials for health care products. So far, we have provided global customers with more ...

    Contact us

    Sichuan Tongsheng Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    ADD: Wumiao Village, Tianyuan Development Zone, Deyang, 618000, Sichuan, China

    Tel: +86-838-2850606 / +86-838-2809458

    Fax: +86-838-2809448

    Email: sales@biots.cn

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